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Crystalline Dental welcomes you with your first oral examination and together, we’ll establish your personal dental health chart. We’ll start with a conversation about your lifestyle and how this affects your teeth, smile, and general needs. Afterward, we’ll conduct a complete examination to establish your current dental health status, review the results together and establish and treatment plan and approach to your dental care that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

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Family Dentistry

Our Family Dental Clinic in Vaughan Welcomes You!
Routine check-up and cleaning appointments are vital to the health of a smile. A patient should see our dentist and hygienist every six months or when necessary to ensure optimal oral health.
The exam or check-up part of your visit is essential in addressing any oral health issues early on so they can be treated or prevented from progressing. The earlier a problem is detected, the less invasive or extensive treatment will be – which is why it’s important to visit regularly.
The cleaning part of your visit helps to prevent issues like periodontal disease and tooth decay. Our hygienist uses special handheld instruments to clean off stubborn, hardened deposits of bacteria from the surfaces of the teeth, as well as below the gum line.

At Crystalline dental clinic, we offer a wide range of dental services from general dentistry to cosmetic and surgery suitable for the whole family. We always strive to provide the most relaxing and positive dental care experience to every patient we treat. Our friendly and experienced team employs only up-to-date and modern dental technologies to provide the highest standard of service that we can provide.
We understand how busy families can get, so our dentists are available for early morning and weekend appointments.

Cosmetic Dentistry

At Crystalline Dental, we offer cosmetic dental treatments to help our patients achieve healthier and more attractive smiles. These treatments include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and cosmetic bonding.

What is cosmetic dentistry?
Cosmetic dentistry can help improve your teeth’s appearance. While it may not improve your overall dental health, it can help improve your bite and smile. This is important to many people, as surveys have shown that 83% of participants rate the appearance of their teeth as a top priority.
Teeth Whitening
Teeth tend to discolor or stain over time, especially if you regularly consume stain-causing foods and drinks. Fortunately, you can get teeth whitening procedures done to safely and noticeably brighten your smile.
Cosmetic Bonding
Dental bonding is a cosmetic treatment that uses a composite resin material to cover up imperfections on the patient’s teeth. The resin is shaped and molded to the tooth and then bonded to the tooth to improve its appearance.
Porcelain Veneers
Cosmetic dental treatment with porcelain veneers can transform a smile into exceptionally attractive and uniform. Veneers are fragile, tooth-colored porcelain shells custom-created to adhere to the patient’s natural tooth and mask any aesthetic issues with the teeth’ color, size, and shape. Veneers are the cosmetic dental treatment for many famous Hollywood actors and models with stunning smiles.

Dental Emergencies

There are some common emergencies, and you know how to handle them
It’s essential to have a proper action plan ready when they happen.
What are the typical symptoms of a Dental Emergency?

Any pain that wakes you up at night
A gum infection
Sensitivity to cold or hot liquids or sweets
Pain from biting pressure
Severe throbbing tooth pain
Tissue swelling of the face
Bleeding from the mouth
A loss of filling or crown
A loss of a tooth, a cracked, broken or chipped tooth, or an abscessed tooth

Toothache– There are many different types of toothache pain, from sudden and sharp to more of throbbing sensation. The cause can be anything from decay to a crack or infection. For temporary relief, try holding a warm cloth against your cheek, or a cool compress if your cheek is swollen. However, the only way to truly get rid of the pain is to call us and schedule an appointment. We will quickly address the issue and relieve your pain.

Chipped Or Broken Tooth
If you notice a break in your tooth or feel a jagged edge with your tongue, immediately stop using that side of your mouth to chew. If there is a tooth fragment, save it in a small bag with milk or contact solution. Brush the broken area clean to prevent further food or plaque debris damage.

Lost Filling – When a filling is lost, it could result in excellent nerve sensitivity, sharp edges that could cut your tongue, and a nasty food trap. Safeguard your tooth by putting a bit of orthodontic wax or sugarless chewing gum in the filling’s place to protect the area for a short period. Call us, your dentist in Toronto, as soon as possible, so we can fit you in for a repair and get you smiling again!

Badly Bitten Lip Or Tongue – If bleeding, use a clean cloth or gauze and press down on the cut. If the lip is swollen, use an ice pack to help reduce the swelling. If the bleeding does not stop, you should be seen by an ER doctor who will assess if you require stitches or not.

Don’t hesitate – Call Crystalline Dental immediately if you’re experiencing a dental emergency.

Dental implant

Dental implant surgery can offer a welcome alternative to dentures or bridgework that doesn’t fit well and can offer an option when a lack of natural teeth roots don’t allow building denture or bridgework tooth replacements. Dental implant surgery is a procedure that replaces tooth roots with metal, screwlike posts and replaces damaged or missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and function much like real ones.
Teeth can be lost for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s due to old age, decay, or physical injury, missing one or multiple teeth can profoundly affect our confidence and quality of life. Dentistry at Crystalline provides implants in one day, a groundbreaking procedure that repairs your smile in the shortest time possible.
How dental implant surgery is performed depends on the implant type and your jawbone condition. Dental implant surgery may involve several procedures. The primary benefit of implants is solid support for your new teeth — a process that requires the bone to heal tightly around the implant. Because this bone healing requires time, the process can take many months.

What are dental implants?
A dental implant is an artificial root made of titanium metal. It is inserted into the jawbone to replace the natural tooth’s root. An artificial replacement tooth is attached to the implant. The implant acts as an anchor to hold the replacement tooth in place.
Who does this procedure?
If you have an implant, your dentist may refer you to a periodontist or oral and maxillofacial surgeon and oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Implant prosthodontists are implant prosthetics.

Who can get dental implants?
If you are in good general health, have healthy gums, and have enough bone in your jaw to hold an implant, dental implants may be right for you. If your jawbone has shrunk or if it has not developed normally, you may be able to have a bone graft to build up the bone.

How dental implants are done
Your dentist or specialist will carefully examine your mouth and take x-rays of your head, jaw, and teeth to determine if dental implants are right for you.
During the first stage of surgery, a dental implant will be put into your jawbone beneath the gum tissue. The gum tissue will then heal and attach to the implant. It can take several months to heal.
During the second stage of surgery and once the tissue is healed, your dentist or specialist will attach an abutment to the implant. An abutment is a post that connects the replacement tooth to the implant. In some cases, the first and second stage of implant surgery may be done in one single stage.
An artificial replacement tooth is made, and your dentist or specialist attaches it to the abutment. Proper fitting the replacement tooth to the abutment may take several appointments.
When replacing several teeth or all of your teeth, a fixed bridge is anchored to your dental implants. A bridge is a dental restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth by spanning an area with no teeth. The bridge is held firmly in place by dental implants on each side of the missing tooth or teeth.

Caring for my dental implants
Dental implants are placed in the jawbone and look like natural teeth. They need to be kept clean with a toothbrush and floss. Your dentist will show you how to clean them properly. Regular dental checkups are essential to ensure that your bite is proper and that your implants are not loose.

What else should I know?
Several visits to your dentist or dental specialist may be needed until the process is done.
Checkups will be scheduled during the following year so your dentist can be sure your implants are working properly.
You will need to take outstanding care of your implants.
Implants can cost more than other kinds of replacement teeth and might not be covered by your dental plan. But in most cases this is a one-time cost, unlike other kinds of tooth replacement procedures.

Sedation Dentistry

Going to the dentist can incite fear or worry in many people. Most patients feel uneasy on some level during their visit. For some, however, visiting the dentist causes so much anxiety and stress, they are prevented from even making an appointment. If this scenario sounds familiar, sedation dentistry may be for you. We at Crystalline Dental want our patients to feel safe and secure about caring for their oral health, which is why we offer sedation dentistry.
Your dentist will recommend a type of sedation based on your situation and treatment plan. If you choose to be asleep during the procedure, you will not remember anything that happened. If you stay awake during sedation, you will feel calm and content. After treatment, you may feel drowsy and need a nap, so make sure someone can take you home. Our dentists will be with you all the time to ensure you are safe and comfortable.
What are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?
Sedation Dentistry is Safe: You will be deeply relaxed, but not unconscious. No IVs or needles required.
Sedation Dentistry is Flexible: Sedation dentistry can help you remain relaxed for two to six hours, depending on the treatment you require and the level of sedation achieved.
Sedation Dentistry is Pain-Free: This is ideal for patients who don’t tolerate pain well. They won’t feel any pain while in the dental chair and won’t remember much of the experience.
Complex Dental Treatments can be Completed in Just One Visit, rather than multiple visits: You can have dental work done, such as crowns or bridges replaced, veneers cemented, or multiple teeth extracted, all while you remain comfortably relaxed.
Allows patients to regain confidence in themselves: Patients who are normally anxious about dental visits feel more comfortable and calm when they are sedated. We have had patients who no longer require sedation because they have developed confidence from previous visits.
Sedation dentistry allows patients to feel like treatment is quick: Patients who have lengthy procedures done while sedated may only feel like it lasted a few minutes.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are an extra set of redundant teeth that form at the back of the mouth in a person’s late teens or twenties. Most people have problems as these teeth begin to grow, due to their poor positioning in the mouth and a lack of jaw space to accommodate them.

Why Should I Extract My Wisdom Tooth?
The removal primarily prevents damage to other teeth and bone or a cyst. It is worth knowing that the top reason for wisdom tooth removal is impaction. Actually, the wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt, and due to the inadequate room for wisdom teeth development, they will be impacted. Serious problems can develop from impacted teeth, such as cyst, infections, and damaged teeth or gums. When tumors or cysts form around the impacted wisdom teeth, resulting in the destruction of the teeth and tissue around your wisdom teeth. In this case, wisdom teeth removal is the only solution. Removal of impacted teeth is a serious surgical procedure.
Some other issues that require wisdom teeth removal are infection of the teeth, cavity, bone loss, gum disease, extensive tooth decay, abnormal appearance, and damaging the adjacent healthy teeth. So, wisdom tooth extraction is recommended to prevent the destruction of the jawbone and healthy teeth. Removal of wisdom teeth is performed in our Toronto dental office. Contact us to learn more about our wisdom tooth extraction service.
In these cases, delayed removal of wisdom teeth will cause cysts or tumor, infection and inflammation of the area near your wisdom teeth, bone loss, movement of the adjacent teeth, entering the bacteria and plaque around the tooth, damaging the root of the healthy teeth, and more. Although rare, tumors can be associated with the delayed removal of wisdom teeth. In such cases, wisdom teeth removal is the only solution.
Your teen should be evaluated for the state of their wisdom teeth by the age of 17 or if they begin feeling pain at the back of their mouth. This procedure is very common and done under anesthesia. We will also prescribe any necessary pain medication to take during the recovery period to make the healing stage more comfortable.
There are possible causes of bad weird taste after wisdom teeth removal; however, the point that you should remember is that it is usual. However, if you are suffering from unbearable bleeding after wisdom teeth removal, much pain or swelling after the removal of wisdom teeth, or facing some problem for other teeth, call us.
We ensure all our patients receive the best dental services in our dental clinic. The decision to extract your wisdom teeth or not depends on your situation. Our professionals with years of experience decide on wisdom tooth removal. Contact us to ask any questions about wisdom teeth removal and make an appointment.

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