Having a beautiful smile might be easier than you thought!

Have you heard of clear aligners or the brand Invisalign?

Clear aligners are an alternative method of orthodontics. Instead of wire and brackets, it’s a plastic replica of your teeth designed to move them by applying little pressure on your gums and teeth.


Benefits of clear aligners compared to traditional orthodontics

• Faster than braces

Unlike traditional orthodontics, it can move the tooth in three directions simultaneously, making it faster than traditional braces. Braces are mainly used for severe crookedness in kids and teens. In contrast, clear aligners can be used for anyone with mild crookedness or spacing. And the total treatment time might be shorter than a year.

• Better hygiene

Since aligners are removable, taking them off is easier, and you can brush and floss more effectively than braces. People with braces tend to find it hard to brush or floss, even sometimes, food gets stuck to the wires or brackets. Clear aligners offer better and improved oral hygiene.

• Hard to see

Clear aligners are almost invisible; many people might not even notice you are wearing them. imagine you want to attend an important meeting or event, and you don’t want to be seen with them; you can take them off for a few hours; but if you had braces, it would be a different story

• More convenient

People with braces have to limit their choice of food in case they break their braces; on the other hand, clear aligners are removable and more flexible regarding food.

How it’s used

Clear aligners are proven to be as effective as the traditional braces. Each aligner is worn about 22 hours a day for one or two weeks before changing to the next designed aligner, and the average treatment time is about 13.5 months

Clear aligners are one of the technological advances that can give you predictable results and fewer hardships than braces. It would be best if you talked to your orthodontics; Clear aligners might be a better solution for you.

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